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Why Choose The Tree Feller?

There are several reasons in which getting professional tree service becomes necessary. Trees can rot or simply get old. When you trim your trees yourself, you risk damaging the tree with a stray cut or injuring yourself with tools you don’t know how to use. Let a professional tree trimming company take care of this task for you. We have helped Pinellas County residents with their trees for over 15 years. We also use the industry’s most advanced techniques, so your trees will be healthier and more attractive thanks to our tree care service.

The Tree Feller is a 5 Star Rated Tree Service in Clearwater, Florida. A fully licensed & insured tree service company in Clearwater, Florida. We have over 20 years of experience in all types of tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm damage, land clearing and emergency work.. Owner is former fire fighter & current certified arborist for Pinellas County.

Tree care is essential for both safety and aesthetic reasons, as trees are an important part of the overall property and can have a impact on both home value and the general well-being of the residents. There are a number of reasons why a professional tree service is required. For safety purposes, large trees need to be trimmed, as dead overhanging branches can pose a threat to homes and people. Similarly, trimming and pruning is essential for overall appeal and the growth of other plant life. If you would like to have a professional tree service company in Clearwater look at your trees, we would be happy to assist you. There is no cost to do so. – The Tree Feller

9 reasons to hire The Tree Feller

1. Tree service prices that are affordable and you can trust!No money up front payment upon completion/satisfaction
2. Professional tree trimming that adheres to ISA standards
3. Prompt arrival with friendly, experienced crew. We respect your property and treat it as our own
4. Fully insured tree removal service covering your property.
5. Hundreds of Removals safely completed without damaging property or neighboring trees.
6. roof & gutters blown off & out if we work above house
7. Clean-up after the job is performed.
8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
9. Owner on every job!

Service Areas

✓ Clearwater

✓ Dunedin

✓ Palm Harbor

✓ Safety Harbor

✓ Oldsmar

✓ Largo

✓ Seminole

About Us

Hello! My name is Mitch Feller, also known as “The Tree Feller”. I am a Pinellas county resident and father to 2 wonderful girls and husband to my beautiful wife. Before my life as “The Tree Feller”, I served as a fire fighter with the Pinellas County fire department. It was a honor to be able to serve my community. In that time, I have seen the devastation Florida’s tropical storms and hurricanes can cause. I helped with the cleanup in the aftermath of some of the worst storms. In 1992, after Hurricane Andrew devastated Southern Florida, I took my first steps towards a career in the tree service industry. I am a certified arborist and can tell you almost anything about your trees. I like to think of myself as “the Lorax”

Our Passion

Because tree care and serving our community is our passion, we feel it’s important to involve you in the process of your tree maintenance or removal. We want to match your expectations with the needs of your tree. It is our pleasure to inform you of all your options and to communicate with you to address any concerns. Our goal is your satisfaction in our work.



"Excellent tree service! They really did excellent work and I am more than happy to recommend this tree service to everyone." - Chris Logen


"One really good & professional tree company. These guys helped me with some tree removal and tree trimming. They are really fast. Thanks guys and keep being excellent & affordable tree company." - Brian Virgil


"Excellent tree service. This tree company knows what they are doing and how to do things. Affordable." - Jim Brown

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